Workshop Scope

Digital government (DG) research is rapidly maturing. A wide range of DG projects at all levels of the public sector is also being actively pursued around the globe with important practical lessons learned. However, DG research has been typically confined within national boundaries, resulting in the lack of comparative and transnational understanding. There is a critical need for DG researchers and practitioners from different countries to share their findings and lessons learned, and ultimately to form a global community with a core set of common principles and methodologies to promote the further advancement of the field and practice.

We will hold the first US-China International Workshop on Digital Government Research and Practice (IntDG 2006) on October 11 - 13, 2006, in Beijing, China. The objectives of IntDG 2006 are three-fold:
  1. creating an intellectual forum to bring together key DG researchers in U.S. and China to exchange research ideas, discuss emerging DG research, and explore the international dimension of DG research;
  2. fostering research collaboration between U.S. and Chinese DG researchers, and promoting understanding and encouraging joint efforts between researchers, funding agencies, and practitioners from both countries; and
  3. exploring collaborative opportunities between the professional DG societies from both countries.
The specific thematic emphases of IntDG 2006 will include:
  1. DG applications to support various kinds of city management, operations, and services
  2. Environmental monitoring, risk assessment, computing infrastructure, modeling framework, implications to public sector decision-making, as well as related regulatory considerations
  3. Public health surveillance, outbreak detection, and event management
IntDG 2006 is jointly hosted by the Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences; University of Arizona; and University of Southern California/Information Sciences Institute. The two and half day program includes four thematic sessions and presentations from the Chinese and U.S. funding agencies. Sixteen U.S. and about twenty-five Chinese DG researchers and funding agency representatives will present their work in this workshop. IntDG 2006 also features a round-table government panel with participation from several U.S. and Chinese government officials.